Package Sewage Treatment Plant

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Package Sewage Treatment Plant

There are areas within the cities, towns and villages that are impossible to cover under centralized wastewater treatment system, to offer perfect solution for the same, Shubham steps in this field. Shubham package sewage treatment plant type wastewater treatment system is compact, effective and economical for wastewater treatment in decentralized manner. PWTS-AM series is ideal for individual bungalows, low rise apartments, restaurants, offices, small factories, etc. NBF series is ideal for malls, hospitals, office building, institutions, townships/colonies, high rise buildings etc.

Operation Principle

1. Solid Separation Zone of package sewage treatment plant: This is the primary treatment process that separates solid and scum from wastewater.

2. Aeration Zone of package sewage treatment plant: Clear water flows into this stage. Oxygen supplied by air blowers is required for the digestion of bacteria culture thriving in and around the plastic media inside the aeration zone, thus reducing the amount of contaminants while generating more contacts with the bacteria culture on the surface area of media. The quality of water becomes better.

3. Sedimentation Zone of package sewage treatment plant The next step of treatment involves the sedimentation where organic wastes are settled in the sedimentation zone. The settled waste in the bottom of the tank can then be pumped back to the solid separation as a return sludge to ensure that quality of effluent passes the required standard. Chlorine is sometimes introduced before discharging the effluent into public mains.

Advantages of Package Sewage Treatment Plant

1. 100% Eco friendly

2. Rust Proof

3. Leak Proof

4. Durable Light Weight

5. Easy to Install

6. Massive reduction of BOD

Sewage Treatment Plant 


We hold expertise in meeting the designing and construction plant demands of sewage treatment. These find application in Sewage Treatment Plants, Conventional Sewage Treatment Plants, Waste Water Treatment Plant, and others.
Sewage Treatment Plant


Some of the synonyms our products are also known by include:

– Package Sewage Treatment Plant

– Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

– Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

– Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

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Shubham is the leading Indian water and wastewater Treatment Company providing the most comprehensive water and waste water treatment systems and services for industrial, institutional and municipal customers.

We Shubham India Provides Solution For Followings:

Sewage Treatment Plant, Package Sewage Treatment Plant, Prefabricated STP, Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant, Underground STP, Wastewater Treatment Plant,Side Stream Sand Filter,Pressure Sand Filter,Dual Media Filter,Swimming Pool Sand Filter,Activated Carbon Filter,Granular Activated Carbon,Gravel Filter,Pressure Filter,Multigrade Sand Filter,Waste Water Treatment Plant.
Shubham is the leading Indian water and wastewater Treatment Company providing the most comprehensive water and waste water treatment systems and services for industrial, institutional and municipal customers.
Through a pioneering approach in water and waste water treatment, Shubham works to service its clients through a holistic approach. It is known to be the powerhouse in products, systems and services for water & waste water treatment serving a large customer base from diverse groups of municipal & government institutions, Large Industries, laboratory, commercial sectors and various sectors where the very element water comes into picture. Company delivers technology designed to substantially lower costs, provide more flexibility in choosing operating systems, and offer a more automated and resilient systems infrastructure capable of responding to variable business demands.
The corporate put together a team of specialists from across the country; equip them with the state of art technologies & financial support – envisioned to tackle the biggest challenges in Water & Waste Water Treatment and Distribution. Shubham success can be attributed to the shoehorn method of customer service. It understands the integrity of each of our clients personally and designs its products and services to suit the requirements. This enables significant improvements in efficiency, availability, flexibility and manageability.
The company has taken on various value-added roles and has stakes in a cross-section of businesses. With the worldwide reach provided by a well-integrated network that spans the globe, the company has strengthened its capability to manufacture a system that is of global standards, delivers world class quality, work with global brands, and has developed some key international alliances for sustaining future growth such as Middle East, Africa and many more.
Shubham is only the commencement of the vigour that will nurture in leaps and bounds.
Shubham India are committed for creating very pleasant experience for our customers through flexible, appropriate and reliable water and waste-water solutions. Driven by most ethical and professional standards, we will develop mutually rewarding relationships with our customers, stakeholders, employees and suppliers. Consequently, Shubham will ascend to leadership sales, profit, and value creation.

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