Manufacturer of sewage treatment plant in India Gujarat

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Manufacturer of sewage treatment plant in India Gujarat

Sewage Treatment Plant in India Gujarat

The Sewage Treatment Plant process is similar to the way that a Septic Tank works but mechanical components provide a process to help break down solids to produce a cleaner, more environmentally friendly effluent. Subham India are industries best for sewage treatment plant supplier.

manufacturer of sewage treatment plant in India,Gujarat Combined sewage contain various biological impurities, are fed into the primary settlement tank where solids and liquids separate and the liquor flows into the aeration chamber. In the chamber, a surface aerator or diffuser aerator infuse air and oxygen to the waste and encourages good bacteria to digest the organic matter, breaking it down and purifying it.As it leaves the final chamber known as the settling chamber, the effluent is typically 95% clean and ready for discharge into local watercourses, ditches or land drainage systems, subject to consent by the Environment Agency.

We at Shubham, manufacturer and sewage treatment plant supplier from conventional to innovative technology and modular to onsite treatment plant as per customer’s relevance and area availability across the Gujarat in Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Rajkot.

Modular Sewage treatment Plant supplier

Shubham’s(MD series) of Modular sewage treatment plant is a closed steel module with three chambers — aeration, settling and discharge-disinfection. Each chamber features the necessary access and inspection registers.This modular construction allows the increase of the processing capacity by placing more plants in parallel.All the instruments and control elements of the plant are housed inside an anti-vandal cabinet. manufacturer of sewage treatment plant in India,Gujarat These plants do not generate noise &odors due to their closed modular construction. Thedesign of these plants allows installation in a single day.

Onsite – Above Ground

Onsite wastewater treatment is becoming the preferred treatment method over centralized treatment plants.Shubham’s(AG Series) of onsite above ground sewage treatment plant is a single-built concrete module contains aeration, settling and disinfection chambers inside in a closed concrete pit.

This concrete construction does not have any limitation of flow and capacity and can be built from 10 KL to 2 MLD. Separate plant room is constructed to house all the instruments and control elements. These plants has low life cycle cost and provide flexibility to build tanks in shape and dimension.

Onsite above ground STP Eliminates the long distance transport of wastewater to treatment plants and purified water back to the point of origin

Onsite – Under Ground

Land constraint in developing cities has always been problematic mainly due to the vertical growth, high population and density.It constantly faces the challenge of planning their land use to overcome their land constraints for developing infrastructure facilities in limited area.

Shubham’s(UG Series)of Onsite below ground sewage treatment plant supplier is an effective solution, where space is major concern for any developer and Infrastructure Company.manufacturer of sewage treatment plant in India,Gujarat. We provide customize solution and design for maximum use of land with the effective treatment of domestic sewage.

Our below ground sewage treatment plant can be built below the road, basement & parking area, gardening and consume only unused area of total land.

Manufacturer of Sewage Treatment Plant – Bio Accelerator


Water treatment Plant in Ahmedabad Gujarat

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Water treatment Plant in Ahmedabad Gujarat

Water treatment Plant in Ahmedabad

Shubham india are manufacturer and Water treatment Plant supplier as per area availability across the Gujarat in Ahmedabad

The quality of fresh water supplied by local bodies or bore well water Treatment Plant in Ahmedabad gujarat may meet local standards, but it might not meet the requirement of institution and commercial industry. Ordinary tap water or bore well water can contain total hardness, dissolved metals, including lead and iron. It might contain nitrates, chlorine and mineral salts which can directly affect the performance of equipment installed in utility area of any commercial premise like hotels, hospitals, multiplex, shopping malls, retail outlets, restaurants, school & colleges and their boarding facilities etc.

Water Treatment Plant in ahmedabad Gujarat quality for cooling and drinking application is a major issue with all type of institution and commercial industry which always demand soft water to perform their HVAC system at low energy and high cooling level without scale formation on their heat exchangers and low TDS water for drinking & kitchen use. Scale formation in pipeline and sanitary ware is also one of the major concerns in this sector which also contribute to the maintenance of property.

Shubham range of  Water Treatment Plant consist of Water Softener, Reverse Osmosis Plant, Ultra Filtration system is convenient and less costly than overall Life cycle cost of equipment. Best of all, water treatment plant in ahmedabad gujarat pays for itself over time and makes a difference you will notice every day.

These plants are one of our most popular utility plants that are known for its high efficiency, leak poof and less maintenance. We also provide installation& operation training along with onsite support for the plant to our clients.

We Shubham India are manufacturer and supplier of Sewage Treatment Plant and Water Treatment Plant products such as Industrial RO Plant, Ultra filtration Plant, Pressure Sand Filter, Multi Grade Sand Filter, Dual media Filter, Side stream filters, Water Softener Plant, Demineralization, Mix bed Unit, RO Plant and many more whereas Waste water treatment product range consist of conventional Sewage Treatment plant, Advance Bio- Accelerator 360[ MBBR ], Bio Hybrid [MBR], Package Sewage Treatment Plant, Underground FRP Sewage Treatment Plant, Septic Tanks, Grey Water Treatment, Laundry Water Treatment, ultra-Latest Electra-rapid (electro Coagulation), plant as an end-to-end service provider.

We use the best-in-class technology and cutting-edge tools to foster high-quality, sustainable, community-level water supply projects in Gujarat, India across the Ahmedabad, Surat, Rajkot and Baroda.

We Shubham India also offer innovative solutions to communities that are serious about self-managing their water supply problems. Shubham delivers safe, cost-effective and sustainable water, waste water and energy utility infrastructure solutions to businesses and communities across the countries who are interested in minimizing their carbon footprint.

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Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant

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Conventional sewage treatment plant

 Conventional sewage treatment plant involves three stages, called primary, secondary and tertiary treatment.

First,with conventional sewage treatment plant the solids are separated from the wastewater stream. Then dissolved biological matter is progressively converted into a solid mass by using indigenous, water-borne micro-organisms. Finally, the biological solids are neutralized then disposed of or re-used, and the treated water may be disinfected chemically or physically (for example by lagoons and microfiltration).

The final effluent can be discharged into a stream, river, bay, lagoon or wetland, or it can be used for the irrigation of a golf course, green way or park. If it is sufficiently clean, it can also be used for groundwater recharge or agricultural purposes


Pre-treatment  Conventional sewage treatment plant removes the materials that can be easily collected from the raw wastewater and disposed of. The typical materials that are removed during pre treatment include fats, oils, and greases (also referred to as FOG), sand, gravels and rocks (also referred to as grit), larger settleable solids and floating materials (such as rags and flushed feminine hygiene products).

Pre treatment also typically includes a sand or grit channel or chamber where the velocity of the incoming wastewater is carefully controlled to allow sand grit and stones to settle, while keeping the majority of the suspended organic material in the water column. Sand, grit, and stones need to be removed early in the process to avoid damage to pumps and other equipment in the remaining treatment stages.

Preliminary treatment processes include coarse screening, medium screening, shredding of solids, flow measuring, pumping, grit removal, and pre-aeration. Chlorination of raw wastewater sometimes is used for odor control and to improve settling characteristics of the solids.

Primary treatment Sedimentation

In the primary sedimentation stage  Conventional sewage treatment plant, sewage flows through large tanks, commonly called “primary clarifiers” or “primary sedimentation tanks”. The tanks are large enough that sludge can settle and floating material such as grease and oils can rise to the surface and be skimmed off. The main purpose of the primary sedimentation stage is to produce both a generally homogeneous liquid capable of being treated biologically and a sludge that can be separately treated or processed. Primary settling tanks are usually equipped with mechanically driven scrapers that continually drive the collected sludge towards a hopper in the base of the tank from where it can be pumped to further sludge treatment stages.

Secondary treatment

Secondary treatment of  Conventional sewage treatment plant is designed to substantially degrade the biological content of the sewage such as are derived from human waste, food waste, soaps and detergent. The majority of municipal plants treat the settled sewage liquor using aerobic biological processes. For this to be effective, the biota require both oxygen and a substrate on which to live. There are a number of ways in which this is done. In all these methods, the bacteria and protozoa consume biodegradable soluble organic contaminants (e.g. sugars, fats, organic short-chain carbon molecules, etc.) and bind much of the less soluble fractions into floc. Secondary treatment system commonly employs an Aeration Tank wherein microorganism culture completely degrades organic as well as inorganic impurities in the presence of either Surface Aerators or Diffused Aeration system.

Secondary sedimentation

The final step in the secondary treatment  Conventional sewage treatment plant stage is to settle out the biological floc or filter material and produce sewage water containing very low levels of organic material and suspended matter.

Tertiary treatment

The purpose of tertiary treatment of conventional sewage treatment plant is to provide a final treatment stage to raise the effluent quality before it is discharged to the receiving environment (sea, river, lake, ground, etc.). More than one tertiary treatment process may be used at any treatment plant. If disinfection is practiced, it is always the final process. It is also called “effluent polishing”.

Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

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Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

Our range of this underground Sewage Treatment Plant is fabricated from stainless steel, FRP or any other raw materials as per the needs of the clients. They can be used in hotels, hospitals, resorts and many other commercial sectors for the treatment of sewage water. Our underground Sewage Treatment Plant require low maintenance and are known for providing harmless water after the treatment process. Installation services are offered by our organization.

Underground Sewage Treatment PlantThese underground sewage treatment plant are available in varied designs and require low maintenance. Our underground Sewage Treatment Plant is corrosion resistance, heat resistant and performs extremely well to provide fresh water to the consumer. This underground Sewage Treatment Plant are effective in treating sewage water and offer harmless, antimicrobial water that can be used for varied purpose. We offer the consultancy services to fetch the requirements of the clients and also engaged in the installation of thisunderground Sewage Treatment Plant which is used for the purification of undergrounds water. As raw water cannot be used before treatments, so this underground sewage treatment plant plays a very important role in offering fresh water to the consumer.

Domestic waste water management system of any city consists of collection. Treatment and disposal in conventional centralized sewage treatment system, about 80% of the cost is accounted for the collection. The cost of collection of sewage and its conveyance to the terminal point in the large cities is very high. Further, the depth of sewer goes on increasing with the increase of length of sewer line and pumping of the sewage at the intermediate and terminal points requires a lot of energy.

Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

Shubhams underground sewage treatment plant is ideal for small communities; apartment and condominium complexes where space is limited and aesthetics are a top concern. Theunderground sewage treatment plant arrives to the site fully assembled and ready for direct burial. All equipment and components are contained in the operator access hatch and completely out of view.


Pre treatment also typically includes a sand or grit channel or chamber where the velocity of the incoming wastewater is carefully controlled to allow sand grit and stones to settle, while keeping the majority of the suspended organic material in the water column. Sand, grit, and stones need to be removed early in the process to avoid damage to pumps and other equipment in the remaining treatment stages.

• enhanced activated sludge process

• Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) solids separation

• All Stainless Steel construction Fully assembled

• Integrated Control System

• Optional traffic rated access hatche.

We are renowned as one of the dependable Sewage Water Treatment Plants Manufacturers in India. Catering to the needs of apartments, colonies etc. we have also acquired distinguished position a midst the trusted Sewage Treatment Plant Exporters. The Sewage Treatment Plants are ideally designed for gardening to grow rich & healthy green-field for excellent & health environmental to live with. Moreover, customers are eased with the availability of the Industrial Sewage Treatment Plants based on MBBR, Conventional Sewage Treatment Plant, Package Sewage Treatment Plant, Prefabricated Sewage Treatment Plant, Underground Sewage Treatment Plant, MBBR and other Advanced Techniques with Sludge Handling System.

We hold expertise in meeting the designing and construction plant demands of sewage treatment. These find application in Sewage Treatment PlantsConventional Sewage Treatment PlantsWaste Water Treatment Plant, Package STPCompact STP and others.
Sewage Treatment Plant


Some of the synonyms our products are also known by include:

– Package Sewage Treatment Plant

– Compact Sewage Treatment Plant

– Mobile Sewage Treatment Plant

– Underground Sewage Treatment Plant

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